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Advancing Decomp Series: Set of 4 Mannequins with FREE Purge Mat & FREE Shipping

Four mannequins, all male or all female, each depicting one of the four stages of decomposition.

Mannequins included:

  • Fresh: recently deceased, no decomposition. Flexible eyelids with petechial hemorrhaging available as an option.
  • Bloat: swelling of abdomen and protrusion of the tongue and eyes. Skin discoloration/ marbling and breakage with an overall wet look. 
  • Active/Advanced decay: veins and skin ruptures/slippage. Significant insect presence (maggots, blue flies and carrion beetles). 
  • Skeletal: final stage remains consisting primarily of bones, some dried skin, tendons and cartilage.

Various physical characteristics available on request (skin tone/hair color/body hair). Please enter specific requirements on Checkout Page.

Set includes a FREE purge mat ($400 value):

Ideal for enhancing your outdoor staging realism.

Our custom water-resistant mat depicts fluids released during the decomposition process along with carrion insects (maggots, blue flies and carrion beetles).

Sculpted on an artificial turf base, the decomp purge mat will add an extra authenticity to your stagings.