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Forensic Training Mannequins

Supplying quality training models

to universities, government agencies and organizations
around the world

For forensic investigation, training, instruction and disaster preparedness

Custom and case-specific mannequin orders are welcome


Current lead-time for mannequins & skeletons is 6-8 weeks

unless listed as “Ready to Ship”

For international orders, please contact us.

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I’ll utilize your donations to build up my materials and be able to continue to provide my product to my customers so they can train the new generation of forensic scientists and criminalists to better detect and understand the things they will see every day on their job.

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Design your own Forensic Body!

Don’t see what you want? We can make it for you.

Custom orders are welcome. Design your case-specific mannequin: multiple traumas, specific body positions, degree of decomp and skin slippage can all be crafted to fit your specific needs. 

Various ethnicities and ages are available on request, as well as specific indicators like petechial hemorrhages beneath flexible eyelids. Our newest projects include semi-biological bodies.

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The Bodies

Designed specifically for forensic investigation training, crime scene instruction and courtroom reconstructions, every Forensic Body is hand crafted with exceptional detail using quality materials.

Beginning with the skeletal system, each body is created layer by layer to achieve a high level of realism. Faces, hands and feet are cast from live models. Various trauma types and states of decomposition are achieved through techniques developed over years, based on consultation with forensic specialists.

Custom and case-specific mannequins are Forensic Body’s specialty. Different ethnicities and ages are available on request, as well as specific body positions, wound types and trauma combinations. Carrion larva and insects can be customized to your geographical area.

Wound kits are available to create your own custom trauma configuration. Each highly realistic wound is backed with medical-grade adhesive and is easily removable, allowing the body to be used in a variety of scenarios.

     The Anatomist

Having worked with special effects in tv and film, as well as prototype construction of anatomical models, Andre turned his talents to a new field: forensic artistry.

During conversations with forensic scientists, he identified an underserved industry niche—forensic modeling. This led to the founding of Forensic Body and its sister company, Spatterheads.

Nearly 20 years later, Forensic Body remains the premier supplier of custom-made forensic training mannequins, models and accessories, offering exceptional quality and serving clients in universities, government agencies, militaries and embassies around the world.  Andre’s creations have featured in Rescue 911, CSI, Dexter and other TV shows.

He has also worked with a number of clients requiring custom, case-specific bodies for various applications, including several high-profile cases.

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